Where it Began

The Founder and Master Craftsman

Silver Skull was conceived and created by Kenny in Southern California way back in 1984 when he was just 22 years old. He made his first Sterling silver piece, a handmade ring with a silver arrowhead on it when he was 16 and over the next few years he experimented with different techniques and methods to make his visions come to life.

When he got his first Harley Davidson motorcycle, he would go to bike shows and motorcycle swap meets looking for accessories for his bike and leather jacket. Not finding anything with the cool and the quality he was looking for he designed and made his own. When he's be riding his bike around So Cal people would see the Sterling silver pins on his leather jacket and the Sterling silver conchos on his tool bag and ask him where he got them. 

Seeing that other Bikers liked his designs, he went to different bike shops in the San Fernando Valley and a few boutique shops on Melrose Avenue and was able to get his products into those shops - Micah McCloskey's Custom Cycles, Vic's Custom Cycle, Jammers, Casey's Cycle, Leathers and Treasures, Mark Fox and Tasty Leathers were the first retailers to carry Silver Skull products. 

In 1988 Silver Skull made a  deal with Easyriders Magazine to make them the sole distributor of several Silver Skull designs. 

In the 30 plus years since then, Silver Skull products have been sold around the world to discerning Bikers, Musicians and other cool people. 

The Original Silver Skull

Silver Skull - Making the coolest people in the world even cooler. 

Silver Skull products are designed by a Biker for Bikers and proudly made in teh U.S.A. - Where it all began. 

Become One Of The Coolest People